You Need A Business Book for More Profit and Fame

Each key company and CEO is learning the significance of having a book that reaches unlimited awareness for both the business and the boss. It’s grown to be the best avenue for exposure today. It’s an icon of stature, a pathway to building a stellar reputation even if you have employed a ghostwriter to create it. A manuscript such as a company memoir or a personal memoir about the business’s creator is currently a must in acquiring media attention. It will increase your standing. It will help you to embark on the public-speaking path. And it will be instrumental in developing you and your company as an expert, as well as the go-to business in your field. Approximately 11,000 books about business are published each year. You might ask, doesn’t that number represent a glut in the market? The answer is no. The number shows an intense interest in the public for that genre of book.

Your Business Needs a Book TODAY!

There is nothing like a book that utilizes the art of a master ghostwriter by an experienced business book artist. You can tap the book’s potential as a giveaway at speaking engagements, a Christmas gift to clients, a premium to potential clients, and for media appearances on TV shows and in the pages of The New York Times, Business Week, Fortune, and others.

Publishing today no longer requires a lengthy proposal, long waits for possible acceptance by a publisher, nor does it involve your time to write a quality book or the worry that you don’t have the know-how or talent to pull it off. Self publishing is the new paradigm. And it works. A quality ghostwriter knows the ins and outs of writing your successful book as well as the entire publishing process.

You Don’t Have To Worry About A Thing!

  • Generating Ideas
  • Planning
  • Managing the Project
  • Research and Interviews including or independent of your workforce
  • Copyediting, proofing, and developmental editing
  • Photos
  • Designing
  • Publishing and Distribution

My client list includes Fortune 500 companies like Firestone and Toys R Us, universities, real estate moguls, financial sector experts and more.

In three to six months, you could be on your way to having a professionally written and designed book that will promote your expertise as a skilled expert that will give you the attention, added notoriety, and respect you deserve.

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