My Advocacy Work

I am an adovocate for the wrongfully convicted who have been sent to prison to rot as innocents. It is estimated that thousands of people have been sent to prison, even death row, who have never committed the crimes they were convicted of. The Innocence Project  is a site that will open your eyes to this pervasive and heinous problem in our society. I work with some of the most amazing, intelligent, and caring people who currently sit in prisons hoping and praying they can be exonerated. As a voice for the silent, I am looking for stories to write in an effort to publish and make their voices heard. Society needs to become aware of, and disgusted with, this greed being perpetrated upon the innocent enough to put a stop to it.

I also advocate for the elderly who are regularly taken advantage of by the probate court system, guardians, and attorneys in this country. They are regularly stripped of all they own, all they have worked for in their lifetimes to die in poverty and sadness.  My book Probate Rape will come out soon that will address this travesty upon our elderly and what can be done about it. I am seeking stories from families who have experienced the greed by probate court. Please contact me at

More coming soon.