Why The World Needs Your Business Book

In the previous post, I explained why you need to write a business book about you and your company.  Now I’m going to educate you about the reason the world needs that book about your company.
In 2012, I ghosted a book for a Fortune 500 CEO who was 36 years old at the time.  I will call him Chris.  By the time I met him, Chris was in the process of creating his fifth business. As each one had made him a fortune, he would sell it off and move on to creating something new.
At age 19, he had a mentor who taught him valuable lessons that many businesspeople don’t learn until a head full of gray hair proves their well-earned wisdom. The  dynamics he learned, along with an amazing aptitude for everything business  was nothing short of genius.  He owed  his success to his mentor, the fact that he was driven with a never-give-up attitude to succeed, and a belief in himself and his ability.
Within 20 minutes of talking to Chris about why he was able to be so successful multiple times when eight out of 10 businesses fail within 18 months, I knew he had to write a book. His story would benefit millions of people all over the world whose greatest desire in life was to be a successful entrepreneur but had no clue how to begin.
I Envisioned His Book reaching the kid in Podunk, Kansas or Hellhole, Ohio with stars in his or her eyes, a terrific idea, and the brains to match, and all that is missing is the book explaining how to do it with the encouragement they need.
I Bet – No, I Know – that there are lots of business people out there who have written their own ticket to the stars of success. They are living their dream. Maybe it’s you. There are lots of books on the shelves about how to make it in business and each of them are as different and unique as the various people who wrote them. There’s always room for one more.
Why not yours?  What is your unique story? How did you become successful?
Share your knowledge, expertise, secrets, and encouragement. Become a business guru. You’ve earned it. And someone waits for the know how only you can give.

Let’s talk about it. Then let’s do it.

A Ghostwriter’s Job Is…

Many an opinion abounds about what the job of a ghostwriter is. From over twenty years of experience, and becoming a bestselling ghostwriter and developmental editor, this is what I think a super awesome ghost is…and isn’t.

1. The Best Ghostwriter has the belief that her client’s book is her client’s book. She has no rights to determine the content, the layout, or how it gets published. Each story is unique to each client. Every story is exclusively the client’s. Sure, it is proper for the ghost to suggest, advise, and guide. But the last and final word is the client’s. Ghostwriting is a service that provides a party with exceptional writing according to the client’s wishes. I might add that the suggestions, advice, and guidance from your ghost is based on years of success and expertise. So it would be to your advantage to listen and seriously consider her opinions. However, the final decision is always yours.

2.  Trust is an Absolute. Stories must often contain some pretty personal information for the manuscript to be successfully published. If the story doesn’t sing with a style and content that keeps readers turning pages, even unable to put down the book until the final sentence, then it’s not going to provide you with good sales. Everything you reveal to the ghost should always be kept in the strictest confidence. Yes, the ‘revealings’ will be printed, but only if you approve. A ghost never, ever talks about the things that are discussed between you with any third party without your permission. Trust also includes that you have confidence in her ability to write the book you envision in your voice, your style, and exactly the way you want it. Ghosts often become a very close friend and confidante to you. I have made many life-long friendships with some of my clients. And it is very fulfilling, as well as an honor, to forge such trusting, intimate relationships that give birth to stories the world is itching to read.

3.  A Ghostwriter Worth Her Salt – and your money – will know how to write your title so that it flows with a rhythm that captures your readers’ attention and never lets go. Flow is what makes or breaks a manuscript. Traditional publishers turn down titles not because of grammar and punctuation mistakes. No! It is due to a lack of flow and the story doesn’t keep the reader reading. That’s it!  Readers plunk down their hard earned cash with the expectation to be entertained.  And the ghost understands this.

4.  Your Professional Ghost will know and understand marketing. Any book has a potential of at least three different marketing categories. She has to know how to do this, and where to find the particular categories with the sub-heads and catalog numbers that go with it. This information goes in the proposal and with the final draft to the publisher. If she doesn’t know what the heck I’m talking about – thank her very much and move on to someone who does understand. This goes for self-publishing too. Marketing is everything.

That’s my take on the four most important qualities of an awesome ghostwriter. Your story is like a baby – valuable and important to you. So search well, my friends.

You Need A Business Book for More Profit and Fame

Each key company and CEO is learning the significance of having a book that reaches unlimited awareness for both the business and the boss. It’s grown to be the best avenue for exposure today. It’s an icon of stature, a pathway to building a stellar reputation even if you have employed a ghostwriter to create it. A manuscript such as a company memoir or a personal memoir about the business’s creator is currently a must in acquiring media attention. It will increase your standing. It will help you to embark on the public-speaking path. And it will be instrumental in developing you and your company as an expert, as well as the go-to business in your field. Approximately 11,000 books about business are published each year. You might ask, doesn’t that number represent a glut in the market? The answer is no. The number shows an intense interest in the public for that genre of book.

Your Business Needs a Book TODAY!

There is nothing like a book that utilizes the art of a master ghostwriter by an experienced business book artist. You can tap the book’s potential as a giveaway at speaking engagements, a Christmas gift to clients, a premium to potential clients, and for media appearances on TV shows and in the pages of The New York Times, Business Week, Fortune, and others.

Publishing today no longer requires a lengthy proposal, long waits for possible acceptance by a publisher, nor does it involve your time to write a quality book or the worry that you don’t have the know-how or talent to pull it off. Self publishing is the new paradigm. And it works. A quality ghostwriter knows the ins and outs of writing your successful book as well as the entire publishing process.

You Don’t Have To Worry About A Thing!

  • Generating Ideas
  • Planning
  • Managing the Project
  • Research and Interviews including or independent of your workforce
  • Copyediting, proofing, and developmental editing
  • Photos
  • Designing
  • Publishing and Distribution

My client list includes Fortune 500 companies like Firestone and Toys R Us, universities, real estate moguls, financial sector experts and more.

In three to six months, you could be on your way to having a professionally written and designed book that will promote your expertise as a skilled expert that will give you the attention, added notoriety, and respect you deserve.

Contact me today for a free, no obligation consultation.