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If you’re ready to finally have that book ghostwritten or co-authored that you’ve been wanting, this is the first and last ghostwriting site you’ll ever need.


I have no overhead like the Big Boys do with hundreds of employees, and a multi- story office to pay for. So, I don’t need to charge you in the high 5 figures to ghostwrite or co-author your book.  Big overhead has nothing to do with quality. With over 20 years of experience and bestsellers under my belt, I have the expertise and knowledge to create your book just the way you want it.  I treat every client and their story as a bestselling project.

Like the Big Boys, my clients have appeared on Dateline, 20/20, etc. also.
If you feel your project has movie potential let’s talk about it!

I’m Not Your Typical Ghostwriter


Your usual ghostwriter types up what you tell her, takes your money, and you are left with an unpublished manuscript. You have no idea how to get it published. I can guarantee publishing. Yep. Self-publishing has become a completely new paradigm in the industry.  Plenty of writers are making big money publishing with Amazon as Indie authors. I can also help you crack the code of publishing traditionally through my contacts in the industry if that’s what you prefer.  Either way, I’d love to talk to you about your ideas and the best way to publish for you.

The process and price is different for each client depending on the scope of the work, page count, how you want to publish, and a few other things. Basically, it takes 3 to 6 months to write your book, which includes interviewing, editing each chapter and a final draft perfection edit. The time to try for a traditional publisher through a literary agent takes a few months and requires a book proposal.  I offer a self-publishing  package that is turn-key; everything from formatting for the Kindle/Amazon, cover, Amazon publishing to your own page with author bio and book description can be all-inclusive in the price.  Give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s talk about your needs and goals!


Meet the Staff ~

Jilly Prather – 

CEO  – Her abilities are vast with 20 years of experience as a bestselling ghostwriter, co-author, developmental editor, copy writer, and copy editor.

Jennifer Pease-Green – 

Assistant ghostwriter, proofreader. Even though Jennifer is fairly new to the ghostwriting/publishing field, her first ghostwritten book was a bestseller on Amazon! She’s truly a diamond in the rough who is going to make it shine.

Richard Lowe, Jr. – 

Richard is an old pro with many years of experience as a professional writer, e-book formatter and publisher for all of your Amazon publishing needs.


Coming Soon

Evidence Not Needed: Another heartbreaking story about a man wrongly convicted and how his family won his freedom.

Gone in Three Shots: The true story of murder, a love triangle, and redemption in the small town of Meridian, ID
The High Voltage Chronicles: A Memoir by Curt Minard, Canadian Hockey Star; his miraculous comeback after electrocution.
Sanford Standing – fiction based on fact about the Trayvon Martin case by the attorney for Casey Anthony, Cheney Mason.
A Broken American Dream – By María José Carrascosa  – An International story about love, kidnapping, greed,  a wrongful conviction and exoneration.



“Jilly wrote my book from a small idea to a wonderful title. She’s fun to work with. I’d hire her again. ” – Billy Bradford

“Well here I am at #7 on the Amazon bestseller list and bestselling hardcover in Canada. What an awesome ride! And it’s all your fault!”  -Montreal, Canada

“Ms. Prather – Having a plan and the road map to get to the success of my business book was awesome. Not to mention your style and expertise. Thanks!” – Sacramento, CA

“Ms. Prather is truly an artist in the written word. My book is doing very well. Thanks! Connie Smith

“I have worked with Jilly on several projects. She’s very thorough, does excellent work, and extremely ethical. Her feedback on what I have written has been spot on. She’s an excellent writer and I’d have no hesitation in hiring her or recommending her to anyone.”  Richard Lowe, Jr.

“Jilly is fun and very easy to work with, and will really put her “all” into a job with her clients. She’s great to hire for any writing or editing job that requires exceptional customer service and support. She will establish close contact with you, and create a wonderful working relationship with you – hire this lady! – Karen Cole